Experienced?!?, or “The bad boys from Belgium” as the band’s reputation precedes it, is perhaps our best hope for the return of some danger in contemporary rock ‘n roll. Combining their modern take on old-school, down ‘n dirty hard rock, with their insane high energy live-shows, the band is able to win the heart of all fans that are into rock, metal and all in between.

In 2008 they conquered Europe touring Hungaria and Romania where they played live for MTV in the official Hard Rock café in Bucharest. In 2010 they traveled more than 8077 miles to play the Global Battle of the Band World Finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2013 they made an appearance on Belgium got Talent and against all odds surprised both audience and judges with their daring show!

However we don’t expect you to just take our word for it! See what others have to say about the band:

"[...]Experienced?!? steals the show with metal!”
- VTM – Belgium’s got talent-

"[...]Experienced?!? stormed on stage and managed to be the first band to actually get the crowd going with their crowd interactions and random utterances of how awesome they are (I agreed). The front man’s Axel Rose impersonation was pretty spot on and the drunk ass bassist who mooned the crowd on 2 occasions and hit on every girl at the event ( so he hit on 6 girls) also managed to fit some time in to pretend to be a whale breathing by spewing beer up into the air. I found these antics to be rather a welcomed dosage of some good ol’ rock’n role!”
- Justin Bratton-

“I marked out the band(Experienced?!?) from Belgium, they’re kind of a “vintage rockers”. Though the guys are young, but behaving like worn/scuffed musicians: beer, laid-back manner of talking…They were burning on the stage, that was very cool. They did a great show. That was the moment when I said to myself : “we’ll have to try and compete with these guys.”.”
- Dmitry from SALVADOR, RUSSIA’s national finalists at GBOB World Finals-

“This band has been together for around 10 years and they showed it. Great stage presence, the singer not only looked, but also sounded a lot like Axel Rose, a really tight band and fun to watch. They may have lost some points for swearing their way through the set though!”
- Beijingdaze.com