Kattah Brazilian band, formed in 2006 by Roni Sauaf, Victor Brochard and Cristian Alex. The name represents a character that seeks a true vision of the reality, the spiritual union of the world’s cultures. The band gained prominence since the beginning of their career, when mixed cultural elements from various stiles with “Heavy Metal”, showing a very strong and unique personality. These differentials attracted the attention of the public and various producers and in 2010 they released the “demo tape” “Eyes Of Sand”, followed by the video clip of the song “I Believe”, what resulted in Angra’s invitation to support their european tour in 2011 and that was the first time that they put a brazilian band with them. The result was splendid, the name Kattah had a great repercussion in Europe and countries around the world and also it was considered by many reviews, criticisms and comments, the birth of a great promise for the Heavy Metal world. In 2013 the band announced that the new album “Lapis Lazuli” would be produced by Roy Z, known for successful works with Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Sepultura, Helloween and many other renowned artists. It was also engineered and produced by Andy Haller known for works with Ozzy, System of a Down, Boys to men and many others.
The album “Lapis Lazuli” was out in 2014 by the Italian label Baker Team/Scarlet Records, followed by the music video of the song “Vetus Espiritus”.
The album was greatly acclaimed by the critic, being even considered “the savior of the metal cause” by a critical of the website “Metal Temple”.
Nowadays the group signed with Planet Music the release of the new album “A Vela” with the digital distribution and support of Sony Music. The great friendship and willingness to play their favorite songs together were the reasons that unite the members of Kattah in order to have the best performance required to make art a musical show.