JJ Marsh: Guitar
Andrea Ranfa: vocals
Barend Courbois : bas
Roberto Di Peco : Keys
drums : tba
JJ Marsh Biografie:
In 1995, Marsh met Glenn Hughes(Deep Purple/Black Sabbath) and began a partnership in which Marsh during the period 1996-2008 co-wrote most of the songs on ten studio albums, apart from Hughes' solo albums also two albums with Joe Lynn Turner in the Hughes Turner Project, abbreviated HTP.Also working alongside Red Hot Chili Peppersdrummer Chad Smith during this period.

Marsh released his first solo album Music from Planet Marsh in 2005, with fellow musicians Tomas Bodin, Thomas Broman and Kjell Haraldsson, the latter two had both played with Glenn Hughes and HTP. Marsh and Broman is currently in the band Bridge to Mars, who released the single In A White Light in 2013, and their first album in 2016. Marsh has also appeared as a guitarist on albums with Phenomena, Tomas Bodin, Mats/Morgan Band and art musician Simon Steensland.

JJ Marsh's Stormbringers started in 2019 performing songs from DEEP PURPLE / GLENN HUGHES / JJ MARSH and many more